Our ethos can be simply put like this. Strategy = safe hands, Ethics = no bull, Environmental = leaner and greener, Confidentiality = secrets are safe, Honesty = we walk the walk, Finance = marked up not made up.

But that’s not the full story of the OFFICIO’s way

The Reason

Modern office and interior furniture allows us all to understand and interpret space better than ever. However, there’s often a disconnect between design and the selection process for office furniture.

The starting point can be unclear. The choice can be confusing, overwhelming and appear endless. Budgets can appear restrictive and the timing of choices within the process can be daunting.

We help and guide

The Need

As a potential client you already know that it is no fun working in a dull or outdated environment and that office furniture should not be an afterthought. You’ll probably also appreciate that office interiors need to be designed with people in mind, meet long term needs, be attractive and convey a company or brand message

So you’re on your own! Where do you start? Who do you approach as you’ve got a big task on your hands!

We are at hand

The Solution

A patient expert team to guide your through a demanding process.

Planned consultations and surveys to suit both you and your business needs.

Focused choices based on our developed understanding.

Help to understand office furniture, design options and their fit within your budgets.

From the ingenious to the inspiring or the simple to the staggering we deliver an Officio way that works for you, your budget and your workplace.


If you would like to discuss a project or simply want to know more about us please call on 01482 380525 or 07527 886081 or e-mail .

Function – Concept – Form – Completion