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The One Point HQ,

Meadow Road,

Bridgehead Business Park,


HU13 0GD

What We Did

Officio Furniture worked in conjunction with Ark Interiors, part of the Strata Group, for The One Point at their brand-new building in Hull. As part of the project, Officio were required to fulfil a transformation for their new IT Helpline office space. 

The expansion of 34 spaces were required for the members of The One Point team, encorporated into the design by Ark Interiors. This created a tight individual footprint and concluded for the desks to be manufactured as bespoke

The bespoke desking was done so as previsions benching, being reduced to fit perfectly into the space. The benching was created in an all white frame with oak top to match the double height adjustable desks installed in two offices seperated by glass partitions

Apple green chairs were installed to match the wall graphic greenery within the design and continue through the 'apple store' look. Draftsman's chairs, manufactured in the same colour, were installed for the higher benching feature. 

Storage solutions were installed in both the offices and the main space as well as break out furniture, keeping within the same colour as the rest of the furniture ranges. 

This was a great project to work on alongside Ark Interiors, seeing the finished outcome fulfil its initial brief and the client being "over the moon". 

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